Amazing weekend in the Perhentian Islands.

Gosia Cano Fitness


I honestly had no idea such beauty and amazing nature exists in Malaysia.  I have heard of Perhentian Islands from many of my friends living in Penang.  They all rave about these remotely located islands, so we decided to check them for ourselves.


After seven hours of driving to the East coast of Malaysia and a thirty-minute boat ride (which was a bit bumpy), we reached this beautiful destination.  It really is a hidden gem, unknown to the common tourist and I hope it remains this way for at least few more years.  There are no fancy hotels in the Perhentian Islands, no fine dining, shopping or even roads for motorized vehicles.  People go there to escape the hustle and bustle of daily lives; they go to enjoy pristine beaches, fantastic snorkeling and scuba diving, wild life watching, jungle trekking, mesmerizing sunsets and pure relaxation.

Gosia Cano Fitness

You cannot visit the Perhentian Islands without going out for a snorkeling tour.  The coral reefs are just breathtaking.  The highlight of my snorkeling trip was swimming alongside sea turtles.  It is an amazing experience seeing these majestic creatures in their natural habitat.  It is so cool to see them come up to the surface to catch a breath of air.  I learned they take one breath every 20 minutes.  I also loved watching marine life over the coral reefs.  I probably could spend hours floating over them and gazing at the plentitude of colorful fish and other living creatures.  I was super thrilled to find Nemo but unfortunately, could not find Dori.


What also impressed me about the marine life in Perhentian is the fact that the sting rays hang out quite close to the shore.  I was hoping not to step on one of them while swimming.

Gosia Cano Fitness

Taking advantage of the beautiful island paradise scenery, I decided to shoot a workout video on the beach.  My friends agreed to take part in it and this made the shooting even more fun.  We felt an awesome burn in our muscles performing boot camp style exercises in the sand.  Despite the early hour of our workout, the temperature was already high.  Therefore, it was super refreshing to run into the water after our exercise session.

You can enjoy this workout by clicking on the link below and watch us going a bit crazy after our training.

I must say, this short trip was one of the best long weekend trips we have ever done.  We normally don’t visit the same place twice but I think we will make an exception for Perhentian Islands and take an encore to explore this beautiful place.


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