Chia seeds water.

Lately I have gotten myself used to drinking chia seeds water and I must tell you, I love it!  I drink it everyday between breakfast and lunch and I have found some great benefits from this new habit.  So go on and read.

Chia seeds health benefits

I bet you have heard that chia seeds are considered a super food because they contain a high concentration of nutrients such as fibre, protein, good fats, vitamins and minerals.  A small amount provides your body a big punch of those nutrients, so your body can do some prolonged punching or any other type of exercise.  It is very beneficial in sports performance; many endurance athletes use it as energy source and for sustained strength.  As a matter of fact, chia means strength in the ancient Mayan language.

Here are chia seeds nutrition facts:

1 oz or 28 g which equals two tablespoon contains:

*135 calories

*11g of fibre

*9g of fat out of which 5g are omega-3

*4g of protein

*18% of daily requirement of Calcium (important for our bones and the proper functioning of our heart, muscles and nerves)

*30% of daily requirement of Magnesium (helps to increase energy)

*30% of daily requirement of Manganese (great for our bone structure and connective tissue)

*27% of daily requirement of Phosphorous (needed to work together with Calcium and to maintain acid-base balance in the body)

*also contains Zinc, Vitamin-B complex and Potassium.

Why do I love chia seeds water so much?

First of all, it really quenches my thirst when I am working out and it does give me sustained energy.  I find that when I drink chia seed water between breakfast and lunch, I don’t get hungry between the meals and I don’t need to have a snack.  Before my chia seed water days, I was famished by 10:00 am and had to eat something.  This proves the point that fibre keeps you full and therefore it is very beneficial when it comes to weight loss.  Additionally, high fibre content keeps your bowels  moving.  Therefore, it is beneficial to gently cleanse your digestive system.

Lastly, chia seeds give water some flavour and make it more fun to drink.  Just watch out for those little seeds getting stuck in your teeth.

The only thing I have left to say is: “Cheers” to chia seed water!

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