Fit is The New Sexy.

Move your skinny butts over, you, Scrawny Supermodels!

Fit is the new sexy!

Fit is the new sexy

Skin-and-bone bodies are so passé; toned bodies are in and they are here to stay.

In my opinion, undernourished and thin looking physique is not at all attractive and it does not give a good image of health.  Fit bodies, on the other hand are gorgeous.  Those shapely shoulders, chiseled stomach, firm butt and thighs just beam with wellbeing and vigour.

When I work with clients, the majority of them want to lose weight and tone up their muscles. Their goals involve losing certain amount of kilograms or pounds, percentage of body fat, or getting to a specific dress size.  I don’t deny these goals are very important. However, the final outcome of hard work does not stop at lost kilograms.  What I am saying here is that being fit is so much deeper than numbers on the scale.  Becoming fit is not only about improving the appearance of our bodies or decreasing the circumference around our bellies.  It’s about feeling stronger in activities of daily living, feeling comfortable in our own skin and being the best version of ourselves we can be.  Now that is sexy.  Fit is the new sexy!

Fit is the new sexy

Here is my role model.  Her name is Ernestine Shepherd, an eighty year old body builder, fitness instructor and an author.

At the age of 74 she was declared by Guinness World of Records as the World’s Oldest Performing Female Body Builder.  She proved to the world that it’s never too late to be fit and healthy.  Can you believe she did not even start working out until the age of 56?  In her fitness classes, Ernestine  tells her older participants: “Age is nothing but a number you can get fit”.  Her secret is her determination: she wakes up at 3:00am, meditates, reads bible, eats scrambled egg whites and heads out for a 10 mile run.  Wow! She is just amazing, isn’t she? And she looks awesome not just for her age but for any age.

fit is the new sexy

And here it’s me:  work in progress.

But just as Ernestine Shepherd I am very determined; my goal is to significantly improve my muscle tone, become the fittest, strongest and healthiest version of myself and become super confident.  I want to be a role model for other women and inspire them to get fit and healthy.

I realise that everyone is busy and especially as moms we  tend to put fitness on the back burner.  However, we need to realise that if we take care of ourselves by exercising and eating healthy, we will actually have more time to accomplish our daily tasks.  This is because our bodies will become more powerful and we will be able to work more efficiently.  We will have more energy throughout the day, not just for work but also play and for enjoying life.  Additionally, maintaining our fitness routine and sound eating habits will slow down our aging process.  Being physically active will keep us independent and vigorous when we get to the golden age.  We will look fit and sexy not only now but well into our 60’s, 70’s and beyond.

What do you think?  Do you want to join my “Fit is the new sexy” quest?

Peace, love and health!


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