What Women Want to Know (Ep.2): How Do I Stay Motivated?

I Just Started Working Out…How Do I Stay Motivated?

In the Episode 2 of my What Women Want to Know video blog series, I’m tackling the tough topic of motivation. If you’ve recently started a new exercise program, you may find yourself struggling to stick with your exercise schedule. But stay with me before you give in and give up!

How do I motivate myself to exercise?

In the video below, I’ll address the top 5 reasons clients give me for why they want to skip a workout, and the answers I tell them to keep them motivated!

Do you have questions regarding your fitness program? Are you looking to for exercise tips or nutrition inspiration?

Share your questions with me by commenting on this blog post, or message me on Facebook. For more video blogs and online fitness classes, visit the Gosia Cano Fitness YouTube channel.

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