What Women Want to Know (Ep.4): Is Coconut Oil Dangerous?

Is coconut oil dangerous?

Extra virgin coconut oil has been a go-to health product for years. So, imagine my surprise when I read a statement that suggested coconut oil has more saturated fat then beef fat, pork lard, and butter.

How can something as healthy as virgin coconut oil be harmful to our bodies?

We’ve been told to avoid saturated fat because it increases cholesterol, which leads to heart disease and stroke. But, our bodies actually need a certain amount of saturated fat in order to function properly. In fact, 50% of our cells are made up of saturated fat. The saturated fat found naturally in our cells aids in our body’s ability to rebuild muscle and nerve cells. This saturated fat also helps the liver fight toxins, and facilitates the immune system.

Before you throw away your coconut oil, watch Episode 4 of the What Women Want to Know video blog series. In this video, I’ll share my findings on the possible dangerous of coconut oil and saturated fat.

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