What Women Want to Know (Ep.5): Using Resistance Bands in Strength Training

Using Resistance Bands in Strength Training

Variety is the key to success when it comes to building strength. Adding variety into your workouts will not only help you prevent boredom, but it will while help you find new ways to challenge your muscles.

Working with Resistance Bands is an easy and effective way to add variety to your workouts!

Resistance Bands are also helpful in avoiding injuries, especially when it comes to new exercises you’ve never attempted before – like pull-ups or chin-ups. Resistance Bands come in different sizes and levels of intensity. Be sure to get a band that fits your needs – or, get several different resistance bands to play with!

In Episode 4 of the What Women Want to Know video series, I’ll be sharing 6 different Resistance Band exercises. Incorporate these exercises into your strength training program for more variety and new challenges.

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